Saturday, 5 February 2011

Well Done - You've All Been So Busy This Week - clay pots, dragons, dragons in pots, aliens, flying saucers, fish, watercolours .........

Every single person has done some fantastic work this week, we started out creating an undersea world, but that very soon led to other things, take a look and you'll see what I mean ....

But just a minute, I thought we were under the sea .....

Oh dear ...  this space ship nearly landed on a clay pot!

Phew!  Just missed it.

Clay pots ... and clay dinosaurs!

What a super cat in a hat!
This pot was carefully made using long coils of clay
Well done everyone - you all really did some super work!
Keep 'arting' see you all next week,

From Sue

PS - I've been fiddling about with the blog design - please let me know if you like it better than the old one OR whether you prefer the old one better?  To leave a comment just scroll down to the comments box right at the end of this post.

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