Saturday, 27 August 2011

Felt Brooches and other fun activities!!

I hope everyone enjoyed the summer activities weeks as much as I did.  I was amazed at how hard you all worked and the wonderful things that you made, here are the pictures, I hope you enjoy looking at them!

What a fantastic fashion illustration

Beautiful illustrations using Pro Markers

A wonderful model brought in to use for inspiration

Carefully worked cat painting

A country view in the style of a famous artist can you guess who?

A clay fish being made

Beginnings of a coil pot

This is just so cute!

A lovely dog sketch

A clay owl  - could this belong to Harry Potter?

A collection of felt brooches

Oh, the dog has a newly painted coat!

A collection of clay work

This painting was made using collage techniques

What a wonderful bear
A very beautifully made clay tiger!
This is a tea light holder in the shape of a castle

More clay work

Snoozing snake
A wonderful Egyptian Mummy

This is a pop-up tiger - just finishing off a meal!

Beautiful bracelets

Stand up card animals

A brightly coloured pop up bear

Wonderful drawing work

Fun under sea scapes

A funky bird made from a sock!

Bangles and ear rings!

Another beautiful felt brooch

An undersea world

A model seagull perched on the top of a lighthouse

This is going to be a pirate scene

All the fun of the circus

If I didn't manage to get a picture of your work please do email me a photograph and I will ensure that it goes onto the blog - meanwhile enjoy the rest of your summer holiday, keep making wonderful art, and I look forward to seeing you all again very soon!

From Sue

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