Tuesday, 24 May 2011

art and clay

Two cats are better than  one!
This week we went animal crackers, making all sorts of clay animals.  The animals were modelled from photographs of pets and pictures from books and magazines
I have a cat just like this one!  But her whiskers aren't made of wire!
Oh! how did you get here Salty?

This beautiful cat was carefully modelled using air dry clay

The models were made by first shaping the body and head of the animal from two balls of clay and pressing them together.  Then the features were added, eyes, ears etc.  Once the clay is dry the models will be painted.    
Some of the models were made from paintings:

This is a wonderful painting of a snake done in an Aborginal style
This is a clay model of a snake, snoozing in the grass:

Here we have a colourful painting of a horse followed by some clay horses

However, I think my favourites might just be the hedgehogs:

The body of the hedgehogs were made from a ball of clay

Then the spikes were added by making small sauage shapes

Thes spikes were firmly pressed into the body

Finally,  eyes and button noses were added

Here we have a Meercat - not many of these in Cambridge!

I just can't wait to see the animals all painted!!!  Well done everyone for all your hard work.


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