Thursday, 16 June 2011

Clay Animals

Hello Everyone!

I have some wonderful photos of the work that you all have been doing over the last couple of weeks, the clay models that you made look spectacular now that they all have been carefully painted up.

BTW - look out for more details of our summer holiday workshops!! 

What a brilliant cat - I like the whiskers made from wire!

A whole family of animals

This model has been beautifully painted and carefully modelled

I think that the colours work so well together on this clay fish.

I think there's a whole zoo here!

'Spikey' would be a good name for him!

A lot of hard work went into making this cat - well done!

We also had lots of fun making moving crocodiles from card

Smiling crocodile

Biting crocodile

Resting crocodile

Sleeping crocodile

Waiting to pounce crocodile

Well done to everyone for all your very hard work, you've made some great models!

See you soon 

Sue  - Art Box  please ring 01223 812708 for more information about our welcoming art workshops!!

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