Wednesday, 11 May 2011

How to make wax resist pictures

Welcome to everyone!!!  Our first Saturday in our super, new light and sunny workshop space - hope you all like it as much as I do.  It was great to see you all working so hard and making some fantastic art.  Firstly, we did some wax resist images by taking rubbings from sheets of textured wallpaper - using wax crayons and oil pastel.

  Sheets of cartridge paper are placed over the textured surface of the wallpaper

We used different coloured wax crayons and oil pastels

Then using a selection of templates we drew shapes on the top of the rubbings
Then using either ink or watercolour paint we painted in the shapes or around the shapes
These are some of the finished pictures we made. 
We experimented with the ink sometimes using it quite thinly and sometimes using it thickly to get different effects
For this picture the background was painted with pink ink and the centre of the flowers were painted with yellow watercolour

Next we went onto make some clay 'wide mouth' sculptures, using air dry clay - they will all be ready for painting next week.  Here are the photographs of our 'work in progress'.  My cat called Pepper decided she wanted to sneak in on the photographs!

I really like the penguin ...

Can't a cat get some sleep around here!

'Did somebody say something ...'

'Hello - do you like our beaks'.

'Am I nearly finished'.

'Is is break time, I need a drink?'

'Anyone got the sun cream'

'Do you mind cat, I'm trying to have my photograph taken here'

'I'm in charge, you're just made out of clay'

'I wish I could fly'

Finally, we completed our 'think' sheets for art explorers - what we enjoyed doing, what we would like to do and any other important 'arty thinks' 

If you would like to design your own 'think sheet' have a go and bring it with you next week

Thanks you for all your hard work, have a great week and see you all on Saturday.

From Sue

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Can't wait to paint the sculpture! Making it was fun!


M. Fu said...

Can't wait to paint the sculpture! Making it was fun! - Nicholas

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to paint the sculpture! Making it was fun!