Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Art Box Workshop 22nd January, 2011 - Clay and Lots of Sock Monsters

Hello there, welcome to Art Box Blogspot and find out what we did this week .....

Sock Monsters having a snooze!
This week we tackled some clay projects, lots of drawing and lots and lots and lots of sock monsters - all shapes and sizes - look out for the ears!!

Has this Sock Monster got a name?
Clay pinch pots are a great way to start using clay, all you need is a ball of clay we used New Clay Air Dry.  The size of the pot will depend on the size of the ball of clay that you use.  Make the ball into a nice, smooth round shape.  Next press your thumb into the centre of the ball of clay and carefully  start pressing out the sides of the bowl between your thumb and finger. The sides can be as tall or as shallow as you like.  Finally, scratch a design into the surface of your pot.  Air dry clay can be a bit delicate, so finished pieces will be given a couple of coats of hardener before they are painted.                                                                                                     

Clay Pinch Pots

More clay work
Shapes for mobiles
Gingerbread men waiting to be painted!

Well Done Everyone!!!

Next Week ...
As all the clay work is made from 'air dry' clay  next week we will be painting all the things that were made this week (giving the clay chance to dry)  - watch this space to see how they turn out!  The ginger bread men are being made into a colourful hanging mobile.

We will also be finishing off the sock monsters, and maybe even making some more.  As the weather is so cold at the moment I think hats, scarves and socks for our friendly monsters would be a good Idea we also need to think about giving them names.

Of course, we will be doing lots of painting, drawing, sticking and making -  if you want to do some drawing practice check out the blogspot www.drawtoons.blogspot.com

See you then. 


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