Sunday, 16 January 2011

Welcome to the very first Art Box blog post !!!

Hello everyone!!! welcome to the very first post on the brand new Art Box Blogspot - I hope you enjoy finding out about the arty things we make and create each Saturday morning at Art Box Workshops.  Take a look at what we made this week, using oil pastels and coloured inks

You all worked so hard on these pictures, I think they are fabulous, I especially like the bright bold colours, interesting shapes and textures.

If you would like to find out more about how we made these please click on 'read more' at the end of this blog.
Next week we will be focusing on clay - pots, masks or maybe sculpting heads, animals, mythical creatures or even flying pigs!
  We will also be making some very friendly sock monsters.  Of course, there will be all the usual painting, drawing, sticking, making and other arty stuff that goes on each week at Art Box

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Thank you

Gather together the following:-

  • A piece of paper – we used A3 white cartridge
  • A selection of oil pastels
  • 2 pencils
  • Inks – we used black and blue inks
  • Small blunt screwdriver or similar

  1. On the paper using 2 pencils held together drawing a series of double lines, the lines can be wavy, straight, angular – however you like.  The idea is that the lines cross over each other creating a pattern with separate areas.
  2. Fill in each of the separate areas with different coloured oil pastels, however, do not fill in the space between the 2 pencil lines – leave these channels as blank paper.
  3. Next, using the ink wash over the whole paper.  Use the ink thickly over the areas of oil pastel and thinly over the channels of blank paper.
  4. When the ink is dry, use a small blunt screwdriver to scratch patterns into the areas of thick ink, this will reveal the oil pastel beneath to great effect!


Anonymous said...

What fantastic work everyone!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful work!