Friday, 27 May 2011

Ink on paper

I thought you might like to see some of  the wonderful ink on paper patterns and effects we created last Saturday, experimenting with different materials:_

We worked on blotting paper
Cut up into small rectangles
Using cottons buds different coloured inks were dropped and dapped onto the blotting paper

It was fun to watch how the blotting paper soaked up the inks

It was interesting to see how some inks seemed to spread out across the paper more than others

Some of the inks separated out into different colours

Dots and circles were drawn onto the paper using felt pens

We also experimented with watercolours

It was great to see you all experimenting with the inks in different ways and using different colours.  It might be fun to see if this process works on different sorts of paper like kitchen paper or even damp tissue paper. 

Remember no Art Box tomorrow (Saturday 28th June) - as it is half term, but keep 'arting' at home and let me know what you think about the art work by clicking on the comments box below.

Meanwhile, have a great half term and see you on Saturday 4th June,
Till then have fun making art!


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