Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Have a look at this week's work ....

This week we were busy making mobiles, using clay shapes and wire lamp shade bases to hang the shapes from.  We started by painting the bases in bright colours using thick acrylic paint

Next we made a start on painting designs on the clay shapes
that had been made last week and left to dry
Here is some work in progress using gold and black acrylic paint

Collage pieces were added for extra sparkle

Some of the clay shapes ready for stringing together

Arranging shapes before stringing them together

Some of the shapes beautifully painted using black and gold

The Ginger Bread Men and Heart Mobile

Isn't it beautiful ?

Everyone worked so hard this week - brilliant!!
Finally, oh yes, there are more very friendly sock monsters...
What a sweet baby sock monster!

check out their knitted jumpers, that keep them very warm in this rather cold weather .... 

Phew! what great work you've all done this week, take care and see you next Saturday

From Sue 

P.S. Many thanks to my proofreader - you know who you are!

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annie m said...

love the colourful shapes you have all made, they would make a lovely mobile I would be happy to hang in my house.