Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Clay Monsters

We started off this week by making marbled paper, using special marbling inks.   About 4cm of water was put in a small bowl and a few drops of the  marbling inks added - using different colours.  The inks float on the surface of the water and when paper is added it picks up some of the ink and patterns are made on the paper, we got some fantastic results using this process.  For Mums who were asking me about the inks, I got them from an online company called NES Arnold. 

This shows a beautiful and very delicate pattern

These patterns are much bolder

The marbling patterns in this photograph were achieved by swishing the ink in the water

We did lots of experiments using different combinations of colours

Perhaps you could turn some of the papers into covers for small sketch books.  Next it was time to paint the clay 'wide mouths' and 'beakies' we made last week.  They are just brilliant, I think some of the pipe cleaner and feather hair styles are great!!

Wow! I'm loving the eyes!

These two are just so cute

'Do you like my hair, just had it done today!'

'Say cheese!'

So much hard work went into making this chap - well done!

I really like this character, he reminds me of someone I know!

Isn't he fantastic?  You can just see the curly wire hair at the top of the photograph

brilliant, just brilliant!

Finally, just time for some art work for the folders we are using to keep work safe in:-

It was great that everyone did some thing different, there were collages
carefully drawn animals

bold stripes using pens and some painting

and can you spot the figure drawing (in the bottom right hand corner) and the collage using shiny papers studded with colourful gems which was very effective

Now to  our art explorer 'think sheets', this week made by Megan - thanks Megan, I like the dragon!  Oh by the way, colour of the week has to be .... red, yes again!! 

Thank you for all your hard work, have a great week and I'm looking forward to seeing you on Saturday for Animal Magic.  Please remember that when I said you could bring in a horse, if you could get it up the stairs - I was only joking!!  No elephants either!!

Thank you very much for your comment on last weeks blog!  More comments please.


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